Announcement! Nearly 2 TB (TB = terabyte = a trillion bytes) of Scientology data soon to be available

The original amount of 4.5TB of data included research references and books that were nothing to do with the tech, but had been used as possible references by LRH. There were also 2TB of duplicate audio files, which have now been excluded.

In the next few months nearly 2TB of Scientology data will be accessible from this site via a download link from a 10TB online storage service. The link will allow you to go to the online storage space and download whatever you want.

There are volumes that I thought prudent to put up immediately. These are the Red Tech Volumes. There are now three versions on this site - the old files that were originally here, the 1976 set and the 1991 set. The 1991 set has the entire collection in one PDF as one of the files. It comes in at a hefty 11,000+ pages is and nearly 2GB in size. The only thing I have a niggle about with these volumes is that the text color has not been carried over from the original volumes. There is a way to put back the color and make the text the same color as it was originally. Maybe that's something I will do in the future!

If you want to get a link to this collection drop me an email. I will keep your email on file until everything is ready, ok?

I have been wondering about the exchange aspect of this entire endeavor and I leave this aspect entirely up to you. It is more important though to have this wonderful data available to everyone regardless of whether or not you can put in the exchange. If you improve your life because you now have unfettered access to this material, that is exchange enough for me. Ok?

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